the future of digital color

ZCC it!

zenColorCode®, the digital color standard,
cross-references diverse color names and reference numbers across entire product ecosystem.

A retailer with thousands of vendors has to contend with thousands of different systems. So do their customers. What if you could connect the dots to cross-reference all of those color systems with diverse color names and color numbers to speak one unified color language? Using zenColorCode (ZCC®) now you can. ZCC provides a cross-referencing platform for every product, making it easier for retailers to communicate with their customers.


zenColorCode is based on a patented method to normalize the over 16.77 million colors in the RGB system, remove all duplication, and translate what remains into a universal digital color standard. The zenColorCode is represented by a simple four-digit reference number.


Normalization is the process of eliminating the redundancies from a system in order to create a usable standard.


If no two swatch books match, no two monitors display color the same way, and no two people perceive color in the same way, how would you translate a physical color into a digital representation? It’s problematic, if not impossible. A physical swatch system with 2,500 colors can only translate 2,500 RGB or HEX equivalents out of 16.77 million possibilities. What about the rest?


We normalize the rest into a universal digital standard that covers all 16.77 million spectral colors. That’s what makes ZCC unique and useful. The designPro application, which comes loaded with the complete zenColorCode universal digital swatch library, provides a rapid, efficient and cost effective tool for digital color communication, as well as an ideal cross-referencing platform for product and color.


The zenColorCode® universal digital swatch library is exclusively
available in zenColor designPro for $89.95 annually.

To use zenColorCode to internally identify color numbers or to cross-reference products from vendors, both parties must be current designPro Licensees that are in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the zenColor designPro License Agreement and follow the ZCC Marking & Usage Rules.

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