• 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in online sales registered in the USA in 2022, approximately 16.5 percent ended up as returns
  • processing a return can cost retailers as much as 39% of the original price
  • misrepresenting color not only leads to returns but can easily prevent a consumer from purchasing the product
  • there is currently no QA method available to assure that the color of a physical product matches the “digital product” presented to a consumer, search engine, or AI
  • consumers may purchase something online based on the image color representation only to experience disappointment when they receive the physical item.

Color is over 85% of the reason behind any product purchasing decision. Providing consumers with consistent color information will help to reduce returns and increase sales.

Our patented universal color language model matches the physical product color to a digital image, provides a method of QA, and seamlessly integrates into the product workflow to enrich the color data.