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What makes zenColorCode (ZCC) different?

zenColorCode® (ZCC) normalizes (eliminates the redundancies) from over 16.77 million coordinates in the RGB color space to create a universal digital color standard.

What is the 4-digit number that appears after ZCC?

All zenColorCode® (ZCC) swatches are represented by a unique 4-digit reference code, i.e., ZCC-1234

How many colors are available in the ZCC® Swatch Library?

The complete ZCC® Swatch Library consists of 4,096 unique color swatches.

Can I add a color code to the ZCC® Swatch Library?

zenColorCode® (ZCC) normalizes all 16.77 million colors in the RGB color space to create a digital standard. Therefore, it is not practical to add another color to the 4,096 Web smart colors available in the ZCC® Swatch Library.

Are there restrictions to using ZCC® as an internal color coding system?

ZCC® can be used as an internal coding system for hangtags and barcodes provided you are a current Licensee, comply with the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement, and follow the ZCC Marking and Usage Rules. Usage of ZCC® to text tag product on eCommerce sites, however, is strictly forbidden and is not necessary if you are a Licensee using our patented search platform.

Is the ZCC® Swatch Library available as a print format?

zenColorCode® (ZCC) is a digital color standard based on a device driven model. The complete ZCC® Swatch Library is exclusively available in our zenColorConnect desktop and mobile applications.

Does zenColorCode (ZCC) provide translations into other color spaces?

As a normalized standard for sRGB, the native language for all digital monitors, zenColorCode® (ZCC) readily translates into RGB, HSL, CIELab, and CMYK. All zenColorConnect apps also provide users with standardized translations of zenColorCode® (ZCC) into RGB and HEX.
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