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zenColor™ Launches designPro: The World’s First Interactive Colorbook

zenColor™ will debut its Premiere Program, providing Digital Color for a Digital World.

Miami, FL (June 19, 2018) – zenColor™ today announced the launch of designPro for desktop, the world’s first interactive color book. Miami based zenColor™ provides retailers and manufacturers with color-based software solutions that address the daily technological challenges they face from design inception to final sale. Launching today on, designPro will allow subscribers to create, communicate and cross-reference color palettes with the company’s unique digital color standard.

In addition to containing the zenColorCode® (ZCC®) universal digital swatch library, which provides users with a unified color cross-referencing platform that works across all brand and product lines, the designPro application contains a complete suite of design tools that can instantly translate and normalize over 16.77 million colors into a digital color standard of 4,096 color swatches that are represented by a simple four-digit reference number. Licensees can use the ZCC® reference numbers to augment their internal tracking systems for barcodes and hangtags, as well as to communicate and cross-reference color on eCommerce platforms. An annual subscription-based service, zenColor™ will offer the designPro desktop application for $89.95, which is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This new digital color standard creates efficiencies that transform and simplify color communication across all product lines, as well provides the user with a uniform cross-referencing tool that assists them in precisely communicating color.

zenColor™ designPro makes color communication via email or text simple, accurate, and lightning fast. The designPro desktop application also eliminates the need for print color swatches, which is expensive and time consuming. In addition to being cost effective, the design tools bundled with the designPro application automatically normalize all digital color into a global digital standard that make the interactive colorbook far more efficient than traditional print color specification systems.

“After years of working in the retail and manufacturing business, I realized that the gap between print and digital color systems was going to become more significant as eCommerce gained traction and retailers needed to add color images of products to their websites,” said Dann Gershon, Founder & CEO of zenColor™. “I saw the world transitioning from analog to digital and yet we still communicated color as if computers and email did not exist. Part of the issue stemmed from designers and manufacturers not recognizing that print color systems did not translate into digital and there was a need to create a simplified digital color standard.”

Gershon also recognized an opportunity to use a global digital color standard to cross-reference color names and numbers across the product ecosystem. “A retailer with thousands of vendors has to contend with thousands of different and varied color systems. So do their customers. What if they could connect the dots to allow all of those color systems with diverse color names and color numbers to speak one unified color language? With the ZCC® universal digital color standard, now they can.”

“We believe that you must implement digital color for a digital world because that is the fast-paced world that we live in,” said Gershon. “We can now use ZCC® as a digital standard to communicate and cross-reference color across all product lines, from the creative inception to final sale and beyond. ZCC® creates efficiency, streamlines operations, and increases profits for our customers. We are affordable and more efficient than any color system available. This is why we have created the ZCC® digital color standard.”

While the world continues to advance and evolve, there is one common theme – everything is digital. Positioned to revolutionize the way the design industry works across the board, zenColor™ is the new universal standard for color communication and cross-referencing.

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T: 888.936.6303

About zenColor™:
First conceptualized by Dann Gershon in 2006, the patented process for normalizing over 16.77 million colors and translating them into a universal digital standard led to the formation of his color-based software solutions company, zenColor™ Company LLC. zenColor™ designPro, the world’s first interactive color book, is the company’s first product offering.

The zenColor™ designPro desktop application costs a fraction of what traditional colorbooks cost and provides more functionality, allowing users to instantly translate over 16.77 million colors into the zenColorCode® (ZCC®) universal digital color standard. ZCC® provides design professionals with a global digital color language that is both simple to communicate and cross-reference to other systems. It shouldn’t matter that no two monitors match or no two people perceive color in the same way. Now, they don’t have to – zenColor is digital color for a digital world.

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