“As a holistic designer transferring from automotive research projects to product and interior design and on to brand and communication design, zenColorCode (ZCC) has become the color communication standard that delivers the general compatibility creatives I have been longing for.

With the zenColorCode digital standard, I can communicate color authentically amongst colleagues and clients from my initial design concept to the commercial launch of the final product. I love that zenColorConnect supports traveling light, encourages a paper free office, and is very affordable.”

Olivier De Vries

CEO, ODV Studios

Having worked across almost all platforms in the fashion industry during my career, I can honestly say that the common problem of color communication is over. The zenColorCode (ZCC) global digital standard is a real game changer. Used in tandem with their revolutionary tools, zenColor® seamlessly integrates color management across the entire product ecosystem. This is the future.

Jayne Harkness

President, JHG & Partners

As a fashion industry executive who has managed multiple brands, product segments, trend and design teams, I understand the challenges of coordinating and communicating color from trend to production. With the current tools at my disposal, the process is time consuming, cumbersome, and antiquated— especially in today’s digital world.

My zenColorConnect app comes fully loaded with an expandable range of over 4,000 unique ZCC® swatches which can be accurately communicated with my team via email or text.  zenColor has transformed how color standards are selected, managed, communicated, and archived throughout the development and production process.

If you don’t speak zenColor, you should learn. I did.

Krissy Blakeway

President, k.b. Consultants

It’s time to learn.