zenColor designPro features

All of the zenColor™ designPro tools are calibrated to work in tandem with the ZCC universal digital color system. Referencing and sharing color palettes has never been simpler!

zenColor designPro includes access to our entire zenColorCode (ZCC) universal digital Color Library

The zenColorCode (ZCC) universal digital Color Library contains a range of 4,096+ digital color swatches.  Our patented method automatically translates over 16.7 million colors into the ZCC system and provides licensees with a standardized representation for RGB, Hex, CIELab, HSL, CMYK.  It’s that simple.

zenColor designPro tools are calibrated to work in tandem with the ZCC universal digital color system.

CREATE palettes from our patented zenColorCode (ZCC) universal digital Color Library. You can assemble your color palettes by using preset tool or by simply enter existing color formulas and instantly compare swatches to corresponding ZCC reference swatches. Building beautiful palettes and translating them into a universal color language has never been easier.

CAPTURE colors and palettes from photos or images. Manually select colors from isolated images and then automatically analyze the imported color(s) to translate, either a single swatch or the entire color palette, into corresponding zenColorCode (ZCC) universal digital reference numbers.

EDIT color swatches and palettes with a precision tool.  Our predictive editing panel helps you to streamline color selection to easily sort, swap, and arrange all of your swatches and palettes.

TRANSLATE any color swatch or image into a zenColorCode (ZCC) reference number to create standardized color formula equivalents for RGB, Hex, HSL, CieLAB, and CMYK.  The  ZCC system provides universal digital color specification and identification across the entire product ecosystem.

TAG color swatches to zenColorCode (ZCC) reference numbers to create standalone tracking or applications that work in tandem with both PDM and PLM systems. Within the ZCC reference and saved palettes, designPro provides customizable fields for internal color names, reference numbers, and other information.

SHARE the zenColorCode (ZCC) color swatches and palettes with colleagues and vendors who are also designPro licensees. Collaborate on design projects. Import or export ZCC tagged color swatches and palettes to PDM and PLM systems to facilitate sampling, streamline production, and reduce costs.

Annual subscription $24.95/year

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